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About Us

About Us

WorldWide Marketing works with a diverse portfolio of service-based Fortune 500 companies that are looking to gain a cutting edge in today's competitive market. Our clients are looking to gain more exposure through: increased market share, brand loyalty, and client acquisitions.

Our specialty is in tailoring campaigns specifically to our clients needs by setting up and executing direct marketing campaigns. We provide innovative and aggressive target marketing & sales management and campaign support throughout the Ohio market.

In the next couple of years, as part of a company-wide initiative to better service our clients nationwide, we plan to provide more Fortune 500 companies with the benefit of our services and will use this continued expansion to solidify our client base and to continually add to our client portfolio.

We will attain our goals by:
Supporting initiatives that encourage and enable our employees to benefit from and participate in the growth of our company.

This unique way of reaching potential customers has been called the most preferred for the year 2000 and BEYOND.

Maintaining a high standard of quality instruction to better equip our employees with tools and information they need to attain a maximum, level of effectiveness.

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    WorldWide Marketing is committed to promoting a positive and productive work culture that attracts top business professionals - our dedication to this culture begins by only promoting from within the company.

    Our core values revolve around supporting our employees with expert training, a positive work environment, and a family oriented work place where we value our people. We are fast paced, achieve big goals, and only work with motivated individuals who share our goals: growth, commitment, and integrity.

    There is no better way to manage your people than to have been in their shoes.

    Join the leader in outsourced sales & marketing and begin an exciting career.

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    Cross-train in all facets of our business including:
    - Team development and management
    - Client acquisition and retention
    - Administration and campaign management
    - Human resources/recruiting
    - General management

    Our knowledge and experience of influencing sales has created an array of competitive advantages for our clients.

    The WorldWide Marketing Management Training Program is an opportunity to learn about all aspects of the business from inside a growing company. The theory is that nothing can better prepare you for leading in the company than gaining significant, substantial experience with everything a company does, under the mentorship of experienced veterans.

    The management training program should typically take 6 to 18 months to complete depending on the candidate's capabilities, experience, student mentality, and work ethic. Due to our entrepreneurial philosophy, there is no set time frame. Your own initiative and capabilities, coupled with your ability to think on your feet and market effectively, will dictate how fast you advance.

    Our goal for 2014 is to open an additional 10 offices so that we can accommodate our client's growing needs and provide more opportunity for our people. The forecast by 2015 is to have opened 40 offices across North America and to have expanded into several European markets.

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    In addition to providing unparalleled results to our clients, WorldWide Marketing, Inc. takes pride in playing a pivotal role in the community and celebrating the personal interests and endeavors of our team members. Since opening our doors in 2009, we have had the privilege of working with many key philanthropic organizations, including:
    - Operation Smile
    - Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness
    - The Epilepsy Foundation
    - Movember Foundation
    - Operation Christmas Child
    - American Red Cross
    - American Diabetes Association
    - American Heart Association
    - The Salvation Army of Central Ohio

Our Team

Our Team

  • Alicia Long

    President / CEO

    Alicia moved to Ohio at the age of 19 to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from the Ohio State University. From a very young age, Alicia had the opportunity to travel between different countries, but her ultimate goal has always been to pursue further success in business field.

    After graduation, Alicia started with WorldWide Marketing as an entry level account manager in October 2011. In this time, Alicia has contributed to the company with her hard work and dedication to client results.


  • Her varied career experience with WorldWide Marketing includes recruiting, customer service, training and now President.

    Alicia is passionate about the future of the company and looking forward to continuously growing and developing with highly motivated individuals.

    "I like thinking big. If you're going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big." - Donald Trump

  • Trish Sanderson

    Human Resource Manager

    Trish joined our company at the beginning of 2015, where she was responsible for building relationship with both clients and candidates as a recruiter. She also supports everyone in the office to build and succeed in their careers. Today, Trish is responsible for the overall management and operations of human resource department in Worthington, she is also a full-time recruiter. Her success has been attributed to growing with the company as it expands. Her long-term goal is to unleash each individual's potentials, help and develop them to achieve their dreams.


For Clients

For Our Clients

As a full service marketing and sales company, WorldWide Marketing has been outsourced by some of the largest companies in the Country.

Target Markets
The customers most likely to want what you offer. The segments you can serve most profitably. Approaches that will deliver higher margins.

Marketing Objectives
The specific behavior changes that will produce the business results you are looking for. With numbers attached, because you get what you measure.

Communications Strategies
Messages that will compel your target audiences to re-think your product or service and change their behavior.

Contact Strategies
The most effective and cost-effective ways to convey your messages to the most productive audiences.

Our Culture

Our Culture

Quick Facts

Quick Facts

At the open of 2014, WorldWide Marketing offers direct marketing services at a total of nine locations throughout:
• Columbus, Ohio
• Tulsa, OK
• Oklahoma City, OK
• Toledo, OH
• Greenville, SC
• St. Louis, Missouri




Our representatives offer educational experience from colleges and universities across the nation:
• The Ohio State University
• Ohio University
• University of Dayton
• Otterbein College
• Bowling Green State University
• Kent State University
• Columbus State Community College
• University of Maryland
• University of New Haven
• University of Oklahoma
• University of Alabama

We value the diverse perspectives our team members bring to the table. Executives and leadership within our offices hold degrees in areas such as:
• Psychology
• Sports Management
• Graphic Design
• Interior Architecture
• Computer Information Systems
• Criminal Justice
• International Affairs


Top representatives and management have held leadership roles within:
• Division 1 athletics, including football, basketball, softball and baseball
• Philanthropic organizations, including Race for a Cure and Walk for Diabetes
• Professional organizations, including Future Business Owners of America
• Collegiate organizations, including Residence Life and Campus Programming

Join Worldwide

Join Worldwide

As we continue to grow and expand our services, both within central Ohio as well as other markets across the United States, the WorldWide Marketing team is continually seeking the best and brightest new talent to join our team.

If you feel as though a career with WorldWide is a good fit for you, please take a moment to complete our general application – a Human Resources representative will be in contact with additional details and to schedule an initial interview.

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Recent News

Recent News

Welcome to Worldwide Marketing!

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calendarFriday, 22 May


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Worldwide Marketing Welcomes New Team Member!

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calendarFriday, 22 May


Name: Suhail Ahmed

School: Dartmouth College

Major: Religion with a Minor in Afican & African-American Studies

Start Date: April 13, 2015

What do you like to do for fun?

I enjoy playing sports, such as basketball and football, hanging out with friends, and weight training.

What is your favorite part about working at Worldwide Marketing?

I enjoy working with people who love to have an enjoyable time.

What did you want to do when you were growing up?

I played sports in both high school and college. I played football and was on the crew team at Dartmouth College.

What goals have you set for the year?

I want to get promoted to Assistant Management by Septemeber so that I can go to the business trip in Cancun.

If you had one favorite food, which would be most difficult to give up?

Chicken Parmesan pizza pies from Dino’s pizza in Westchester County, New York.

What have you learned so far working at Worldwide Marketing?

I have learned how to lisen to others and work in a team eniviorment.

Who is your biggest role model?

My grandfather because of his amazing work ethic and ability to light up a room full of people.

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Worldwide Marketing Welcomes New Team Member!

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calendarWednesday, 06 May


Name:Lisa Hilliard

School: Kent State University

Major: Elementary Education

Start Date: Feb 9th, 2015

What do you like to do for fun?
- Movies/read mystery books/spend time with family and friends

What is your favorite part about working at Worldwide Marketing?
- fun environment
- supportive team

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
- A teacher or singer

What goals have you set for the year?
- To Enjoy life
- Place myself in a position to be my own boss and financially free

If you had to give up a favorite food, which would be the most difficult to give up?
- chocolate, it’s a comfort food/snacks

What have you learned so far working at Worldwide Marketing?
- Getting out of my comfort zone
- Learning better communication skills with all types of people

Who is your biggest role model?
- My aunt Gail Stone. She has her own company helping middle school youth to become successful. She helps them to maintain their grades, teaches them life skills, so that they can get scholarships to go to college.

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Worldwide Marketing Welcomes New Additions to Leadership Team

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calendarFriday, 07 March

Worldwide Marketing would like to officially welcome Ty and Tesia as the latest additions to our leadership team. Both of these extraordinary professionals joined us after the turn of the year. Within just a few short weeks, they were able to develop their sales, marketing, communication and leadership skills to consistently hit and exceed the standards of performance within our organization. The executive team recognized their accomplishments, promoting them to leadership and expanding their responsibilities to include training and professional development of entry level employees and additional office responsibilities. Congratulations to Ty and Tesia on your wonderful accomplishments!

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Worldwide Marketing Team Hits #6 in the Country on Client Rankings!

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calendarMonday, 03 March


The weekly rankings have been released and our team has broken the top 10, coming in at 6th place in the nation! With over 100 offices serving AT&T nationwide, it is an incredible accomplishment to produce such significant numbers. As we continue to grow as an organization, the Worldwide Marketing team looks forward to continuing with quality results, both here and in our new offices country wide.

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Worldwide Marketing – “101 Best & Brightest” Nominee!

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calendarTuesday, 25 February


As we celebrate our 5th anniversary as Columbus’ leading sales & marketing company, the team at Worldwide Marketing is proud to announce that we have been nominated as one of the nation’s 101 Best & Brightest Companies to Work For in 2014! This award honors companies who excel in their employee enrichment practices and considers employee ratings in the areas of communication, work-life balance, team member education, diversity, and retention. With consistent recognition for our client results and sales performance, it is a huge honor to be recognized for having a company culture that fosters both personal as well as professional employee excellence. Congrats to everyone who has contributed to making Worldwide Marketing such a wonderful place to call home!

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Sneak Peek Behind-the-Scenes of WWM!

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calendarWednesday, 05 February


Want a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes action at Worldwide Marketing?! Check us out on YouTube!


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Worldwide Marketing Takes Over New Office Space!

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calendarSunday, 02 February


2015 has brought many exciting changes to the Worldwide Marketing team, not the least of which was our move into a beautiful new office space here in Worthington. Close to the reviving Worthington Mall and in the heart of the suburb’s business district, our new location offers additional room for our expanding team and an unending supply of professional resources to help us better serve our top-notch clients. Stop by for a little “office warming” and see what all the buzz is about!

Worldwide Marketing, Inc.
100  West Old Wilson Bridge Road, Suite 100
Worthington, Ohio 43085

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WorldWide Marketing

100 West Old Wilson Bridge Road
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